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As part of Hacking Mixes you’ll also be trained and evaluated by a few civilian specialists. The civilians are here because they are our very best source of information on great music. One of the most qualified is our friend Jacobo Juarez, callsign “DJ Hakobo.” He has a Ph.D. in muso-physics and he’s also a civilian contractor, so you do not salute him. But you’d better listen to him because the Pentagon listens to him about your proficiency.

Today Hakobo is going to take us through his nearly decade-long parties in SF, the criteria he uses to keep his taste a year in front of the competition and his choice cuts for all time classic vinyl records

It’s all yours, Hakobo.

– Ed

What are you building/making/creating/performing these days?
Musically we are gearing up to have Soul Slam SF 10, our yearly summer Michael Jackson vs Prince party w/DJ Spinna, and my homeboys Marky & King Most.

I’m still very much excited by the music scene, but in terms of me being active – throwing parties, bringing out up & coming producers, or thinking about opening a new club – I’m relatively retired from all that now.

In the non-musical world of things I’ve joined a very exclusive order, and while it’s all around us, people who are not members simply can’t comprehend it’s majesty. This order is called The Order of Parenting 🙂

Tell us a bit about this mix. What is it all about? 
This mix is by STWO, a producer and DJ from Paris – who’s either 20 or 21. He’s been putting out stuff on various labels, but seems to have found a more permanent residence with the Soulection kids from LA. If you are not paying attention to the music it could pass by as ordinary neo-ish-soul, or r&b. But if you take time to really listen his production is incredibly mature for someone his age. His music has a depth that pays homage to Hip-Hop, Techno, House, and modern dance music, and heavy soul.

The mix is incredible and really showcases his incredible taste. Yes if I wasn’t allergic to snow and I smoked the wacky tobaki this would be an amazing sound track for shredding down black diamond slopes on a snow board 🙂

You’ve been way ahead of the curve on a bunch of amazing musicians – Disclosure, SBTRKT, Schlomo, Teeko and more. How do you know something is going to be great? A feeling? Anything in particular?
Listening to music is one of my favorite things in the world, so finding new exciting music is something I’m always striving for. Apart from promos I get from labels, I do as much researching as time allows me to – magazines, checking out Soundcloud, Bandcamp, blogs, I even get down with iTunes from time to time! I used to learn a lot from fellow DJs, record store folks, and music nerds, but the culture of swapping and talking about music seems to have been lost.

What is your favorite piece of music merch (any physical good related to music)? Where did you get it? What do you love about it?

2000 Black limited edition collectors mugs. It was 5 mugs originally, each a letter, all together spelling out BLACK. I used to own them all but through the years only two have survived the wrath of the clumsy ghost that haunts me from time to time. 2000 Black was a record label run by Dego of 4 Hero. The label released music from very talented producers and musicians making a sound that was “cutting edge” in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s called Broken Beat. Most of the artists were coming from London representing the Bugz In the Attic crew, but also some amazing folks from the US like Tintonton Duvante, and Probe DMS. The mugs have a lot of sentimental value to me because at the time a couple crazy Japanese friends and I had a party and t-shirt line called fresco. At our party we were playing tracks and bringing out artists that were very much ahead of their time – Dego, DJ Mitsu, Ayro, Jazzanova, Quantic, Aloe Blacc, Platinum Pied Pipers, Sa Ra, Kenny Dope, Spinna, Domu, Afronaught. The energy was amazing, we would always sell out or pack clubs and people would dance their buts off.

4 essential albums to own on vinyl?

Miles Davis Quintet “Miles Smiles”

I’m a drummer at heart and this is one of Tony William’s most incredible recordings. He was 21 when this was recorded and literally changed the face of jazz drumming with this album.
Pharcyde “Bizarre Ride 2 the Pharcyde”

Jay Dee aka Dilla is one of my all time favorite producers. HOWEVER, J-Swift reigns supreme in the annual “which Pharcyde has better production competition”.

Fishbone “Truth & Soul”


Incredibly underrated album, musical talent, and vibe. If we didn’t live in the racist world (or country) that we live in, these dudes would be selling out stadiums. Such a talented, energetic, and original band.

Don Blackman “Blackman”


Such an amazing soul and funk record. My inner Mr. T starts to bubble when people tell me their not hip to this record.

If you want to keep up with DJ Hakobo, stop by Soul Slam or the Oakland Music Festival.


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